Infecting People With Art


«Alambremia» means wire pandemic, in the sense of the intention that seeks to spread the love for art through this versatile material that is wire. Thus, the «Alambremia» becomes a tool, a way to mutate, a form of transmutation in which people are sought infect themselves with art.

About the Project

Wire is a vehicle to achieve magic, to express things.

The technique used in Alambremia is to bring pencil lines to 3d … is to draw in the air. It is a technique that does not need welding at all, but it is about winding wire. This technique has been developed thanks to the intensive research of the Colombian artist Claudio Carranza, who in his journey through the arts has deepened and managed to combine several techniques in drawing and material handling.

The aesthetics of the wire handling technique used in Alambremia is apparently a wire disorder that actually corresponds to an order that bases its coherence on the Fibonacci Sequence.

To achieve this technique of wire winding, it has had to be done for years, fine-tuning movements, perspectives and proportions, through minimal observation and the study of human dimensions, including everything that implies.


Plastic Artist

Jeweler by tradition, the Colombian artist Claudio Carranza began his path of «Alambremia» doubling gold and silver. This creative sees the «Alambremia» as an interesting way to get people into the arts

After years of study and experimentation in different art techniques, this artist has reached the domain in the drawing of artistic anatomy throughout wire techniques. His most recent work, 3D drawing, which is inspired by the study of the Fibonacci frequency, is the result of an intense work of research and practice of the technique.

Carranza has had empirical training, and his work is the product of the adoption of artistic tendencies from different parts of the planet, since in the development of his career he has had the opportunity to travel to  diversity of places, to exhibit his work and learn not only of trends and techniques in art, but also delve into the culture of the sites he has visited.